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Joined: 03-04-2008 10:15 PM
Last Login: 06-25-2011 08:06 AM
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Signature: Jimenez Ynoc Inc.
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Eliminated Folder 1/23/2010 10:46:31 PM   (Total replies: 1)
I have eliminated this folder but will shortly be placed back into the forum with more added pngs, these pngs that were found in this album were strickly non copyrighted issue designs since i created them from scratch, but were uploading as jpeg's; like i said it will be replaced, sorry for any inconvenience for now. http://picasaweb.google.com/jimenezynoc/MyDesigns HAS BEEN DELETED

Hey it Jose, dont know a Josh 1/16/2010 3:44:33 PM   (Total replies: 2)
1. these pngs at times are tricky some one once before said the same thing im not sure if it has to do with the way they are downloaded. 2. Disney has come around this door to much, i still do not want the Job... all these png files are used in movies that i don't sell, i am not selling these png designs, and last but never least, people request them for there own home video... so if Disney can read this then they should make effects, transitions and png files for sale so home users that way ...

PNG designs with no copyright issues 1/16/2010 4:21:02 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Here are png files with no issues with copyright i created these from scratch and i have no problem in sharing them... here is the link http://picasaweb.google.com/jimenezynoc/MyDesigns If you want to see my facebook account for my specialty which is graphic design, and yes i have to really pay attention to my spelling at times.... Search in face book for Jose Jimenez, or jimenezynoc@gmail.com or josechulatino33@lycos.com

Yup, I like ShaderTFX 1/16/2010 5:08:29 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Patrick i love your work, i have downloaded already most of your transitions, some of them i already replaced, but the work you put into the effects and transitions are great... i love them. That was one of the issues i had with XP version in animating the png file, but in Vista with these animated logos and animated image wipe transitions have helped, im just wondering since i have seen wipes with glitter effects, sparkles, glow... is there a way to attach a logo to these transitions with ...

This folder has been fixed 1/16/2010 5:29:04 PM   (Total replies: 1)
This Album has been fixed, here are the first posted album with working png http://picasaweb.google.com/jimenezynoc/PNGDesigns Will have the other two folders fixed shortly, sorry i didn't check the files when i dumped them to verify them as png

Another folder has been fixed 1/16/2010 9:01:30 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Another Album has been fixed, here are the first posted album with working png http://picasaweb.google.com/jimenezynoc/DropBox Will have the last folders fixed for tommorrow, once again sorry i didn't check the files when i dumped them to verify them as png

Re: does anyone know how to make designs 1/19/2010 12:47:51 AM   (Total replies: 2)
I can design my butt off, but specifics are nice to have before saying such thing, i can create and draw anything, designs are easy but a specific category would lead me to the right way. So lucky, i need to know what file type you looking for, what idea is at the back of your mind, for any one to design anything for you.....

These are not designs if not transitions 1/19/2010 8:50:04 PM   (Total replies: 2)
Hmmm interesting list at first sight i thought i was put money in someones pocket, normally i am asked to design one or two designs, but after seeing your sample video given i understood what you are looking for.... these are not DESIGNS, if not these are transitions and effects done maybe in another application other than Movie Maker, but i believe with what i have seen in these forums some one can create a few of those transitions, but to give away transitions that professionally done, this ...

Re: jose can you make me a 3D ball 1/20/2010 10:40:14 AM   (Total replies: 2)
Give me a couple of days, normally that software mentioned does have a digital download, i'm just a rookie when it comes to movies for now, so movie maker is it for me; i will send a link with an effect similiar to what you are looking for, but remember it would be a design mimicking an effect, so it wouldn't change the video if not a gif which in vista with rehanfx can be placed in the movie with movie maker, so Patrick if you out there this would be my first gif, have fun with it... that way ...

Ball Test 1/20/2010 7:29:32 PM   (Total replies: 3)
Ok i animated a sample of simple 2D balls in a gif, i just want to make sure if i make a gif that it can be used before i render anything 3D... I am using Ulead GIF, it should be the last obect in this folder: http://picasaweb.google.com/jimenezynoc/DropBox

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