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 Author Thread: ADDonTFX
Boazn8 is not online. Last active: 9/26/2006 12:07:42 PM Boazn8
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Posted: 09 Sep 2006 04:22 AM
All day, I havee been trying to add on effects (mainly PIP) using the various downloads available and the xml codes and trying to carefully follow your directions which are simple enough, but seem ineffective. I have version 2.1.4026.0 if it makes a difference. The new tfx would be listed in the transition list on wmm, correct? What could be holding this up?
Thank you for your attention,
fishycomics is not online. Last active: 8/3/2016 1:46:49 PM fishycomics
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Posted: 09 Sep 2006 07:06 AM

weunderstand youmay know this already............

1 you have from Moviemakers filesa shared andin there you have?
ADDonTFX and Profile

profile wil have a text saying Blank inside it.

ADDonTFX you have created. and you opened it up.

2. copy a simple XML code for example see fig 1 see below
the 4th line says the title chroma blue .

Copy this with notepad only you may copy with text if you like for saving itto a file as well and then backing it up.

when you copy and open Notepad name it either testing. or the chroma blue name with the .XML it must look like
file name<b>chroma blue.xml

save as type text document (*.txt)
encoding . ansi
and make sure it is directed to the addontfx folder

3. go back into the Addontfx locate it , open up the folder if you see thecode you are almost done. if you see a page not displayed error you didsomething wrong, if you see atext file you must make it an xml extention

4. win mm must be closedand not running , re open and go to Step 2 effects,tranistions make titles andcredits

it is a tranistion so go down to you see Chromablue. (sometimeslooking for the name or txml is hard at first)

ifyou see it it still it may not work.
now you must test it out by placing a correct video on there, and then add the trans. and fade to the correct length.

all worked out
Proceed to a harder one , One with a.PNG file

In order to do that do the samesteps and follow this one with it

A. go to a image source like Putfile etc or make your own.
save target by right clicking and make sure it says .PNG save into the addontfx

MAKE SURE IT'S THE SAME NAME AS THE XML'S LINE where it has the .png name if its tv screen.png that's the name it must be , unless you change it outto be both the same. that's it

good luck and hope this helps out

fig 1

<b.chroma blue</b>

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">
<TransitionDLL guid="{C5B19592-145E-11D3-9F04-006008039E37}" >
<Transition name="chromablue" iconid="88">
<Param name="KeyType" value="1" />
<Param name="Progress" value="0.01" />

ALL YOUR XMLS IN THIS LINK===> tranistions and effects in alphabetical order <===All your XMLS IN THIS LINK!

thank you in advance If I never say
samhogy is not online. Last active: 4/15/2013 4:13:31 PM samhogy
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Posted: 09 Sep 2006 11:11 AM
Not sure if this was mentioned at all, but for PIP effects you must have PIP+ installed.
Boazn8 is not online. Last active: 9/26/2006 12:07:42 PM Boazn8
Joined: 09 Sep 2006
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Posted: 09 Sep 2006 11:46 AM
Thank you for your attention.

[quote=fishycomics]profile wil have a text saying Blank inside it. [/quote]

I didn't notice that blank file before, I find that rather humorous.

[quote=fishycomics] it is a tranistion so go down to you see Chromablue. (sometimeslooking for the name or txml is hard at first) [/quote]

This seems to be where the trouble is, it's in the appropriate place, correct extension, but will not list in the transitions. But I'm starting to wonder if it is something beyond all this.

This is the code I've been trying:

Version="1.0" >
<TransitionDLL guid="{BB44391D-6ABD-422f-9E2E-385C9DFF51FC}">
<Transition name="PIP-640x480-standardscreen" iconid="88">
<Param name="SrcOffsetX" value="0" />
<Param name="SrcOffsetY" value="0" />
<Param name="SrcWidth" value="640" />
<Param name="SrcHeight" value="480" />
<Param name="OffsetX" value="214" />
<Param name="OffsetY" value="7" />
<Param name="Width" value="100" />
<Param name="Height" value="92" />

If this all seems correct, I have a longer story which may prove useful.

When we bought this computer, someone had assembled it, but sold it to us w/o the winxp cd. When we had some trouble with it, we went back and asked for the disc, but he said that he only sold it with win loaded on there, not the discs. He fixed the error, but we knew this was all wrong. About a year later, we had an unmountable boot error, so we bought a copy of xpsp2he, but the recovery console wasn't doing the trick. On the advice of a computer geek friend (thanks Sean), we got a new hard drive. Loading the new win on it, we were able to recover the previous hard drive, so I decided to just run the old system again because everything was already there, but left the new win on the new hard drive in case there were any other problems. I opened the wmm that I had downloaded just before my computer went down, but it was different from the wmm I had been using at school. I accessed the new hard drive and copied the wmm folder into the program files of the previous system and downloaded all the updates for the older win. Up until now, it's all been fine, but these additions aren't doing anything. Though I'd prefer not to, I suppose I could boot to the new system and try all this again, but I'm not sure how much difference it would make. Any ideas? Does this fill in any blanks?
Again, thank you!
Curt is not online. Last active: 12/27/2013 1:57:13 AM Curt
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Posted: 12 Sep 2006 08:14 PM
I copied and pasted the code for the chroma blue transition in ADDonTFX. I tried it several times and never got it right. All of the text appeared in red letters when I went back to check on it in ADDonTFX (even though it does not appear in red letters below which is copied directly from my ADDonTFX). I did not add those "-" marks that appear before three of those lines. They appeared automatically in ADDonTFX.

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">
- <Transitions>
- <TransitionDLL guid="{C5B19592-145E-11D3-9F04-006008039E37}">
- <Transition name="chromablue" iconid="88">
<Param name="KeyType" value="1" />
<Param name="Progress" value="0.01" />

When I opened WMM2.1, one of the existing WMM transitions was named Chroma Blue. I used that transition between some photos and then some video clips just to see how it worked. I could not see the transition working between any of them. I deleted chroma blue from ADDonTFX and later copied and pasted it again. The same thing happened, but it was a different WMM standard transition that was named Chroma Blue that time. Again, I could not see that transition doing anything between vidoe clips or photos.

Any ideas about what I am doing wrong? When Chroma Blue is working, what should I see between clips or photos?

Thanks for your help.
considerate_guy is not online. Last active: 8/7/2015 5:49:08 PM considerate_guy
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Posted: 12 Sep 2006 08:37 PM
Chromablue should appear sorted in with your other transitions... I don't see how it could replace one. Anyway, when you use it, you must have a background clip and a foreground clip (with blue). The blue will be made transparent and the background clip will show through.

Movie Maker (Custom Titles, Effects. etc.)Cool
WMM 6.0 on Windows 7 or 8
YouTube videos
glow is not online. Last active: 3/24/2018 8:25:13 PM glow
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Posted: 12 Sep 2006 10:45 PM
G'day Boazn8

The Picture-In-Picture transition you've referenced uses a technique mentioned in one of PapaJohn's early newsletters. The main problem with this technique is that the preview doesn't work.
Since then, we've found better ways to do PIP which overcome this problem.

Rehan's original PIP has some simple examples which may suit your needs and do not require installation of DLLs.

However for more flexibility you should use Rehan's PIP Plus.

I've attached the standard instructions for using the XML.
Could it be that your system drive is other than C: given that you have been mucking around with various hard disks?
Are you absolutely sure that the file extension is .xml and not .xml.txt ?

Standard instructions for using Windows Movie Maker XML:
1. Copy and paste into Notepad or any text editor.
2. Save in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX\anyname.xml
- assuming C: is your system drive and create the AddOnTFX folder if necessary
- In Notepad make sure you save as .xml, not .txt by using File - Save As... - Save as type = All files
- Confirm the file has .xml extension by turrning off the "hide extensions of known file types" from Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View.
3. Restart Movie Maker.

I use Firefox+Greasemonkey scripts for easier editing of forum posts, FAQs and displaying embedded images Wink
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