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 Author Thread: R6025 Error during Saving
Mishrrak is not online. Last active: 9/12/2003 2:34:57 PM Mishrrak
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R6025 Error during Saving
Posted: 12 Sep 2003 02:13 PM
Hi, I have windows xp at home and windows movie maker 2. I edit movie and trying to record it back to my camcorder (mini DV, Samsung). When I start saving moving to camcorder, it goes till some initial (its roughly 5 min movie, 1.2 GB space required and I have 5 gb space available) and gets stuck there. when I try to save to my computer, it aborts after some time saying that it doesn has enough space or the source files are not available or targe directory is not available. I checked all of it and seems to be fine. When I close the session, it gives an error saying

VC++ Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Moviemk.exe
R6025 -pure virtual function call

If any of you have clue what could be issue , please let me know. I had done successful recording before this and it stopped working suddenly. Help will be appreciated.

CKyneal is not online. Last active: 9/27/2003 9:15:58 AM CKyneal
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Re: R6025 Error during Saving
Posted: 27 Sep 2003 09:15 AM
I have the EXACT same problem, except I do not get an error message.

My movie is about 10 min. it saves for maybe a little over half the move, and it gives me that error saying check your source files and free disk space and i have plenty of disk space.
PapaJohn is not online. Last active: 2/23/2015 2:43:58 PM PapaJohn
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Re: R6025 Error during Saving
Posted: 27 Sep 2003 12:35 PM
I have a page devoted to that topic on www.papajohn.org

See the Problem Solving... Can't Save a Movie Page. Each situation is different, but it might help.

... my website isn't here... it's at www.papajohn.org
Balisteve_802 is not online. Last active: 6/12/2012 3:00:31 AM Balisteve_802
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Re: Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location
Posted: 12 Jun 2012 02:59 AM
Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available, and then try again.- Solved

I had reached the point that I had given up on Movie Maker when I contacted Papa John at http://papajohn.org/ He solved the problem and I am pleased to pass on the solution. I will re-visit the many sites I have been to post this message. I am running XP Professional and I have a 32 bit processor
1. My movie files had been converted with a file converter that I had downloaded from the net. Obviously I either did something I should not have or the program was faulty.
2. Down load your new converter from Freemake at http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/
3. Keep your Movie Maker edits as they will still work.
4. Create a sub folder where your Movie Maker files are located.
5. Open the Converter and select “To WMV” – change the destination to the new sub folder; in this way you keep the source file name that should still work in your edited movies.
6. Convert all your source files into this folder. Check that they play on Windows Media Player
7. Deleted the old ones they are of no use.
8. Move the converted files back into your source folder.
9. Open your Movie Maker files one by one and if necessary re-associate the files with your movie. Mine did this automatically.
10. Save the movie to your computer. I saved all mine to an external drive so that I did not clog up my ‘C’ Drive.
11. Enjoy your movies.
There is nothing more frustrating than knowing a program should be working when it isn’t. I send my thanks to Papa John for taking the time to help me out. Check out his web page, as the saying goes “There’s plenty more where that came from”.

Steve Keighran
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