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 Author Thread: WLMP to be Revealed
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WLMP to be Revealed
Posted: 15 Apr 2014 03:59 PM
I was Googling and searching WWW and this forum to find any usefull description of WLMP file. It is XML file and I would like to have a description so that I can create it in my program which creates film frame sequences in a novelty way. Including timeline, storyline, duration, transitions,.... Makes no sense to do it again manualy in Windows Media Player. I would like to use Windows Media player for final rendering (creation) of film based on self created WLMP file.
That is all. I hope I am not asking too much.
Best regards,
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Re: WLMP to be Revealed
Posted: 19 Apr 2014 02:14 AM
I've not seen anything published, but it is an XML file with opening and closing tags for each section. The top of the file contains the path/filenames of all media used (photos, videos and music). At the bottom you have the references for the 4 different clip types (video, title, etc.). And in the middle are the individual clips in the same order as on the timeline.

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