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millarca9 is not online. Last active: 7/31/2011 5:28:03 AM millarca9
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Title text -Video in text
Posted: 18 Jul 2011 05:15 AM
About WMM Video in text Titles, the icing on the cake (cherry on the top of the cake) woulda be the default «video, in text - video shows through text» but "poping" out (not "poping" in, like the default one) -the "inverse movment"; the "transparent" text coming out from the inner of the screen, bigger & bigger till disappear out from the screen (and, here, also not like the default one: the text must not stay estatic for a while in the screen; No!..or even if it stays for a while estatic/stoped...the important is the way the text must disappear -bigger & more bigger, till the only thing we can see is the clip or picture). Can this be done?
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