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 Author Thread: Corrupt AVI?
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Corrupt AVI?
Posted: 09 Apr 2011 05:20 PM
I had a problem with WLMM (Windows 7) locking up when I tried to do anything. So I uninstalled and did a reinstall of it. Now, I recently recorded some screen captures with Camstudio v2. WLMM is telling me that all of these files are corrupt, but they play correctly in Divx and QuickTime and the audio plays but the video doesn't change in Windows Media Player. I've run the files through several AVI correction programs and they all tell me there are no errors in the files. Other files, such as MP4 to AVI files from my video camera come up fine in WLMM.

The error in WLMM is 0xC946001C. Anyone know anything about that?

I'd try just rerecording these, but WLMM doesn't like any of the files that Camstudio spits out. I've tried with a new install of Camstudio too. Any ideas?

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