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 Author Thread: Curled photo effect(using PIP+)
dlk is not online. Last active: 7/2/2011 1:14:29 PM dlk
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Curled photo effect(using PIP+)
Posted: 13 Apr 2008 03:20 PM
I haven't done this for a while, but here we go.

This is a non-animated effect, so that means good news
but somewhat bad news.

The bad news is... it's non-animated. Redundancy aside, it just
sits there so it has limited use. But it looks nice and could be
used as an opening or maybe as an example for something better.

The good news... it should work with the unregistered PIP+ copy.

It looks something like this

(scroll down to download file area, this host is a little messy)

Now, this is an overlay effect, so imagine the flower photo as any photo or video you have.

You need this overlay.

And you use this PIP+ code

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0" SpecialIconFileID="1033"
<EffectDLL guid="{0BEDE179-3361-4eea-9058-11CBB1739D50}">
<Effect name="PIP Plus Effect - Curled Photo Border"
<Param name="RectA" value=" 0.0, 0.00,0.0,1.0,1.0;
1.0, 0.00,0.0,1.0,1.0" />
<Param name="Bordera" value="C:\Program Files\Movie
Maker\Shared\curled.png" />
<Param name="Background" value="0x000000" />

There are a couple other little things you can do...
You can apply a custom curl effect that would curl the photo a bit(but freeze at a specific spot),
but I think it generally looks fine without.
You can also use a custom title to put some text in the corner as I did in the example.


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Re: Curled photo effect(using PIP+).
Posted: 13 Apr 2008 10:18 PM
dlk - outstanding job as usual. This is a little off topic but I've been trying to find a number of images required for other PIP+ effects you posted. The ones I'm trying to find are

background.jpg for your "PIP Plus Effect - move right to left - background" effect
bubblev1.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - overlay bubble V1" effect
bubblev2.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - overlay bubble V2" effect
dash1.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - overlay dash1" effect
dash2.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - overlay dash2" effect
dropshadow.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - drop shadow" effect
dropshadow2.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - drop shadow v2" effect
projector.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - overlay projector" effect
reflection.png for your "PIP Plus Effect - reflection overlay" effect

If you still have any of these that you wouldn't mind providing me, please use the "Contact Me" page on my website to send me your contact info and I will provide you more info on the intended use and to arrange the best way to get a copy of the images. Thanks in advance for your assistance on this.

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