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 Author Thread: [Pinned] Custom Transitions, Effects and Titles for Movie Maker 6.0 (Vista/7/8/8.1)
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[Pinned] Custom Transitions, Effects and Titles for Movie Maker 6.0 (Vista/7/8/8.1)
Posted: 09 Jul 2007 08:03 PM
Windows Movie Maker 6.0:
The following transitions/effects/titles all work with WMM 6.0 (not WMM 2.x or WLMM 2011 or MM 2012).
If you are on Windows 7 or 8, you can Install WMM 6.0 on Windows 7 or 8.

ShaderTFX plug-in:
Download: Rehan's ShaderTFX Plug-in which includes:
Bluescreen/Chroma Key -- advanced blue/green/chroma keying
Gradient Wipes -- wipe transitions driven by gradient images
PIP -- advanced picture-in-picture

Additional ShaderTFX Transitions/Effects:
2-D Deformations (view post 159766) -- deform the image into various shapes
2x2 Video Kit (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Place videos in a 2x2 layout
3x3 Video Kit (view post 242337) -- Place videos in a 3x3 Brady Bunch layout, requires 2x2 Video Kit
A Comp B with Clipping (view post 187762) -- Compositing but with a clipping threshold
Animated Borders (view post 170399) -- add animated borders over clips
Animated Curtains (view post 170727) -- add animated curtain over clips
Animated Logo Overlays (view post 145727) -- Animated and moving logos
Animated Logo Overlays II (view post 151640) -- More animated and moving logos
Animated Logo Overlays III (view post 154761) -- More animated and moving logos
Animated Logo Overlays IV (PatrickL Add-ons) -- More animated and moving logos
Animated Logo Overlays V (PatrickL Add-ons) -- More animated and moving logos
Animated Logo Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Animated logo transitions
Animated Logo Transitions II (PatrickL Add-ons) -- More animated logo transitions
new ASCII Text effect (blainesville.com) -- Turn your clips into colorful ASCII art
Aspect Mix Effects (AspectMix Effects/Titles) -- Effects added to the outside of a 4:3 clip
Barn Door Transitions (view post 242867) -- Clip revealed via an open or closing barn door
Blaine's Transition Pack 1 (blainesville.com) -- Circle Stretch, Push Slide, Wiggle, Zoom Blur
new Blaine's Transition Pack 2 (blainesville.com) -- Pack of MultiSlide transitions
new Blaine's Transition Pack 3 (blainesville.com) -- Pack of Paper Fold transitions
new Blaine's Transition Pack 4 (blainesville.com) -- Pack of 28 Twist transitions
new Camera Shutter (view post 246209) -- several camera shutter transitions
Checkerboard Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Shrinking squares transitions
ChromaKey Preparation Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Effects to prepare for a better chromakey
Circle In/Out (view post 243601) -- Shrinking/Growing Circle effects
Color Bar Wipes (view post 242900) -- Bar of color wiping horizontally or vertically
Color Glow Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Cause certain colors to glow
Color Key Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Filter to gray except for certain key colors
ColorMask and ColorPass Filters (view post 140902) -- Mask certain parts to be in color, or only show a specific color
Color Pattern Effects (view post 168159) -- use gradients as the basis of static or dynamic color pattern effects
Color Shift Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Use gradient images to create shifting colors
Color Temperature Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Make the colors cooler or warmer
Compositing (A add B) and Translucency (blainesville.com) -- composite or blend two clips
Cube Rotate (view post 141635) -- Push transitions that look similar to a rotating cube
Cube Rotate with 3-D Perspective (view post 162543) -- Similar to Rehan's but with perspective (version 2)
Deform Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Deform the clips into interesting shapes
Doors Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Opening and closing door transitions
Dynamic Grayscale to Color Effects (view post 141716) -- Use mask images to display parts in B&W vs. color.
Emboss Effect (view post 171656) -- give an embossed look to your clips
Expand Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Variety of expanding clip transitions
Fly-by Effects (view post 150790) -- Have clips "fly by" in perspective.
new Flashing/Strobe/Blink (blainesville.com) -- Rapidly flashes between two clips (fast/medium/slow)
Flashing (Color/Images) (view post 165434) -- flashing color and image transitions and effects
Frame Effects (view post 142320) -- Overlay various frames around your video
Ghostly Side by Side Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Splitscreen either side appearing ghostly
Gray Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Variety of transitions going to gray and back
Heartbeat Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Rhythmic zooming simulating a heartbeat
Highlight Effects / Shaped PIP Windows (view post 164136) -- use various shapes for highlighting video or placing it with in a PIP window.
Highlight Filter Effects / Censoring (view post 164790) -- use a shape mask to selectively filter part of a video (for example B&W, or pixelated).
Image Wipes (view post 138958) -- Wipe an image across your clip to transition to another clip
Image Wipes II (view post 154481) -- More image wipes
Intesity Mask Texture Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Give a textured look to a clip
Kaleidoscope Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Create a kaleidoscope look from your clip
Magic Rectangle Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Apply various effects within shapes
Magic Rectangle Zoom Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Apply various zoom effects within shapes
Mirror/Duplicate Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Multiple mirror/duplicate images of your clip
Moving Logo Overlay (view post 141909) -- Add logo(s) that glide across your clip, change size and/or transparency
News Picture Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Printed picture look in newspaper or magazine
Overlay Effects Kit (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Overlay effects kit
Overlay Transparency Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Overlay transparency effects
new Page Mix (view post 251111) -- twists one clip into the next, optionally with slices
new Page Roll (view post 250919) -- rolls or unrolls the next picture
Page Turn (view post 246233) -- folds the screen in half
PG Wipes (view post 242419) -- Artistic gradient wipes
Photo Stack Transition (view post 169617) -- effect of shuffling a stack of photos
Photo Stack Transition Variant (view post 172832) -- add photos on the top of a photo stack
Photo Transitions (view post 163002) -- Transitions using photos of nature and a car
PIP with Backgrounds (view post 142310) -- Picture in Picture with color or image backgrounds.
PIP Side by Side Swap (view post 159160) -- Switches from a full picture view to a side by side PIP view and back.
PIP2 Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Picture-in-Picture transitions
PIP2 Variations (view post 242420) -- variations of moving PIP transitions
Pour-In Transition (view post 190757) -- New clip appears to "pour-in" from the top
Push/Slide/Compositing (view post 160895) -- Pushes, slides and partial transparency
Recording Effect (view post 172517) -- add a flashing 'REC' to the corner of the clip
Rotate Transitions/Effects (Rotate Transitions/Effects) -- Rotate Transitions/Effects
Rotation Effects (rehanfx.org) -- Add various degrees of rotation to clips. Good for combining with Pan & Zoom.
Rotation TFX (view post 185211 -- spin clips in with various rotation animations
Split Video (rehanfx.org) -- Split the screen showing part of one clip next to part of another.
Spot Lights (view post 167266) -- Overlay a set of moving spotslights, in various shapes
TV Noise Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Simulate TV noise with lines/crawling
TV Synch Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Simulate vertical/horizontal TV hold problems
Venetian Transitions (view post 242337) -- Looks like Venetian blinds
Video Wall Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Break the clip into a 3x3 or 4x4 video wall
Vignette Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Add vignettes in various shapes and colors
Wavy Transitions/Effects (view post 173358) -- good for dream sequences with wavy look
Wedding Transitions (view post 174846) -- themed wedding transitions
Whirl Transitions/Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Whirl, pinch, punch transitions/effects
new Whirl Pinch and Punch (view post 257334) -- static version of 2 pinch/punch effects
Whoosh Transitions (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Images stretch in and out as they transition
Wipes, Black or White Bars (view post 143392) -- Wipe transitions with black or white bars.

3x3 Montage Transitions (view post 242337) -- Requires photos from HitTheBongo's website
Blend Zoom (view post 108063) -- one clip zooms and fades to reveal the second
Circle Variations (view post 159507) -- variations on the standard circle transition
Cradle (view post 186320) -- second clip transitions in as if rocking on a cradle
new Diagonal Wipes (view post 255337) -- additional diagonal wipes
Double shape transitions (view post 159644) -- variation on the shape transitions with double shapes.
Flip a Coin (view post 186510) -- flips the clip like a coin
Horizontal Spin (view post 242337) -- horizontal spin transitions
Page curl variations (view post 159508) -- alternate page curls
Pixelate variations (view post 181315) -- transition with different pixelation values
Shatter (Particle) Variations (view post 160399, view post 160400, view post 160401, view post 181582, view post 165587, view post 242337) -- variations based on shatter transition
TBlox (blocks) (view post 159771) -- transition using a series of fading/shrinking blocks
Tranjelly Demo (view post 183783) -- demo transitions from SpiceFX, reworked for Vista
Wipe, Clockwise (view post 179769) -- transitions with a clockwise radial wipe
Wipe, Filled V (view post 154706) -- transitions to the next clip with a filled V pattern.

3-D Ripples (view post 181129) -- package of ripple variations
3x3 Montage Multizoom (view post 242337) -- Multiple zooms for 3x3 montage, requires Rehan's Pan and Zoom for Vista
Black & White To Color (blainesville.com) -- fades color in or out from black & white
Bloom Effects (blainesville.com) -- overbrightens the video to cause a light bloom.
Bloom Variations (view post 165791) -- variations on bloom effects including boomerang, requires original Bloom Effects.
Blur In & Out (view post 167223) -- dynamically changes the blur of a clip
Blur Levels (view post 136687) -- different levels of blurring
Boomerang Effect (view post 173740) -- clip flies off and then back on
Bubble Warp (blainesville.com) -- picture warps outward in a bubble shape
new Camera Shutter (blainesville.com) -- simulates a camera shutter quickly closing and opening
new Cartoon (blainesville.com) -- gives your clips a cartoon look, cartoonify!
Cartoon Edges Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Flatten the colors and darken the edges
Color Borders (view post 151914) -- adds a colored border around the clip
new Color Fades (view post 255838) -- fade in or out from specific colors
Color Filters (view post 111935) -- colors your clips in various hues
Color Glow w/ variants (view post 181282) -- cause specific colors to glow
Color Overlays (view post 248624) -- overlay color on your clips, or have them fade in/out.
Color Temperatures (view post 179311) -- apply cooler or warmer colors to your clip
Colored Borders (view post 151914) -- resizes the clip and adds colored borders
Contrast (blainesville.com) -- increases/decreases the contrast of your video
Cropping (view post 128044) -- various crop effects
Cutout Effect (view post 186320) -- Cutout effect, ketchup & mustard, inward puddle ripple
Dancing Picture (view post 181189) -- picture rotates side to side and zooms in and out
Desaturation (view post 134491) -- reduce the saturation (color strength) in your clips
Drawing (view post 185350) -- make your clip look like a hand-drawn picture
Earthquake (view post 130987) -- shakes the clip up and down like an earthquake
Electric color variations (view post 186324) -- variations on Rehan's color effects
Film Age (separate) (view post 167572) -- film age effects split into effects you can apply separately.
new Film Look (blainesville.com) -- Gives your video more of a "film look"
Heartbeat (view post 134336) -- zooms the clip slightly 5 times, like a heartbeat
Gamma Effects (view post 173867) -- changes the gamma setting of your clip
Hue Effects (view post 142350) -- colors your clips in various hues
Letterbox, static and moving (blainesville.com) -- static or appearing letterbox
Letterbox variations (view post 162009) -- alternate size for letterboxes, requires prior letterbox effects.
Multiscreen (view post 126761) -- shows your clip multiple times
Multiscreen variations (view post 186327) -- requires the original multiscreen effects
Negative (blainesville.com) -- displays your clip in inverted colors
Night Filters (view post 165587) -- tint your clip in night colors (blue shades)
Pan and Zoom for Vista (rehanfx.org) -- pan and zoom with full freedom
Photocopy Effect (view post 172178) -- method of giving your clip a "photocopy" look
PIP Bass, Bump and Wobble (view post 242337) -- PIP with various movements, requires Rehan's Pan and Zoom for Vista
Pixelation (blainesville.com) -- a set of fixed sized pixelation effects.
Pixelate In / Constant (view post 134164) -- reverse of the standard pixelate effect, or have a constant pixelate effect
new Quarter Screen (view post 253876) -- zoom into a specific quadrant (1/4 screen)
Reflection Effects for Vista (view post 127481) -- apply perspective and reflection to photos or video
new Remove Gray Borders (view post 168557) -- turn gray borders around photos into true black
Resize Effects (blainesville.com) -- add borders, crop, squash/stretch for fullscreen/widescreen and fit to screen.
Resize Rect Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Resize 4:3 to/from 16:9, letterbox, etc.
new Reveal Up & Left (view post 249043) -- reversed versions of Reveal Down & Right
Ripple Variants (view post 160398) -- variations on the standard ripple effect
Ripple Variants, 2 (view post 188025) -- Intense ripple, in and out
Rotations (view post 165587) -- rotations at 10% increments
Rough Paint Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Embossed, posterized, painted look
Saturation Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Increase/decrease color saturation
Speed Effects (blainesville.com) -- various speeds for your clips
Spin 360 (No Zoom) (view post 216482) -- spin around 360 degrees but without scaling
Translucent Frame Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Add various translucent borders
new TV Signal Effects (blainesville.com) -- add screen curvature, scanlines and noise to simulate an analog CRT or TV.
Weaver Effects (PatrickL Add-ons) -- Overlay a weaved pattern
Zoom and Spin (view post 238884) -- Spin (Left), Spin (Right), Zoom (In), Zoom (Out)
Zoom Blur (view post 133384) -- apply a radial blur, similar to warping at high speed

Acronym Splits (view post 81266) -- Acronym expands to show what it stands for
new Alias Title (blainesville.com) -- Video appears through the letters which zoom out
Ayumi's Random Titles (view post 144279) -- Set of titles placed in 25 different locations on screen.
Boxed Text (view post 240498) -- Text with a solid color background
CNN Ticker Tape (view post 138107) -- Scrolling ticker tape at the bottom of the screen
new Corner Text (view post 241530) -- titles placed in one or two corners.
Credits, Framed Scrolling (view post 187369) -- places scrolling credits within a frame
Credits, Side-by-Side (tighter) (view post 147167) -- Tighter side-by-side credits
Credits, Video Left, just names (view post 59484) -- Tighter credits, with just names
new Credits, Video Left, scrolling text (blainesville.com) -- Video on left, scrolling text on right
Directed By (view post 153606) -- Two line "movie-style" title good for credits
Dreamy Look (blainesville.com) -- overlays a dreamy frame to your clip
Fade Overlap (view post 185770) -- one line fades as second appears
new Fly In, Cross, Fly Out (view post 242888) -- two lines fly in, cross, fly out.
new Fly In, Fly up (Fade) (view post 242955) -- title flies in, then up as it fades
Frames from Danielle, Small (view post 105117) -- place clips within small frames
Frames from Swami (view post 134312) -- assortment of frames to overlay on clips
Fun Titles Minipack (view post 145941) -- assortment of fun, colorful title overlays
Letterbox (view post 111044) -- apply a letterbox mask to 4:3 video
Letterbox, bottom only (view post 122725) -- mask the bottom portion of your video
new Moving Titles, Line 2 Only (view post 249290) -- like Moving Titles, Layered but without the static text
Music Video title (view post 162728) -- multiline title often seen in lower left of music videos
Overlay, Achievement Unlocked (view post 142146) -- overlay "Achievement unlocked" like on the XBox 360
Overlay, BBC News Banner (view post 119034) -- overlay a BBC newsbanner
new Overlay, Camcorder (blainesville.com) -- overlay a camcorder record screen
new Overlay, Camera Back (blainesville.com) -- makes clips appear on the back of a digital camera
Overlay, Crosshairs/binocular/vignette (view post 184786) -- overlay crosshairs, binoculars or vignetting
Overlay, Danielle's Frames (view post 105117) -- overlay a frame, optionally resize video to fit
Overlay, Home Theatre (view post 189312) -- Display clip with a home theater overlay
new Overlay, iPhone (blainesville.com) -- makes clips appear on an image of an iPhone
Overlay, James Bond (view post 109721) -- overlay a James bond image
Overlay 'Live' (view post 144519) -- overlay 'Live' in the upper left corner
Overlay, Logo/Watermark (view post 126996) -- overlay your own logo in a corner of the video
new Overlay, Logo Fading (blainesville.com) -- overlay your own logo, either solid or fading on/off
Overlay, PSP Screen, (blainesville.com) -- makes clips appear on an image of a PSP screen
Overlay Starter Kit, (papajohn.org) -- set of 10 starter overlays you can modify
Overlay, TV Screen (blainesville.com) -- makes clips appear on an image of a TV
Overlay, Video Wall (view post 189864 -- display clip in multiple monitors look
Overlay, WWE Raw (view post 133024) -- two-line subtitle on a WWE Raw graphic
new Paint Splats (blainesville.com) -- words on a color paint "splat"
Photo Album (blainesville.com) -- places clip within a photo album overlay
Scroll, Up (view post 144032) -- scroll up (without perspective)
Subtitle, Left Fading (view post 117656) -- subtitle on left fades in and out
Subtitle, Lower (view post 163105) -- subtitle placed lower on the screen
Subtitle, Slide Left (view post 135059) -- subtitle moves left as it fades in/out.
Subtitle, Stretch Bottom, Fading, Fading Low (view post 115189) -- various subtitles
new Subtitle Slider (view post 249114) -- black subtitle appears from bottom, stays then exits
Torn Pages (blainesville.com) -- torn pages look similar to Veronica Mars
TV Ratings (blainesville.com) -- places TV Rating icons in upper left
new Typewriter, Multiple lines (view post 254743) -- titles typed on into one of 9 positions
Typewriter Top, Fading (view post 251166) -- fading title at top, typewriter animation
Video, Through Text (view post 236656) -- shows video through the letters in the title

MMK's variations on the standard transitions and effects (view post 108963)
MMK's reworking of HitTheBongos overlays, etc. (view post 180355)

Movie Maker (Custom Titles, Effects. etc.)Cool
WMM 6.0 on Windows 7 or 8
YouTube videos
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