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 Author Thread: White screen
firepiestu is not online. Last active: 8/20/2007 3:17:34 AM firepiestu
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White screen
Posted: 22 Apr 2007 08:15 AM
Hi everyone i need some help i have got bluescreen and greenscreen but now i have bought a white board the size of a wall and it cost a fortune but its pure white i was just wondering is there a whitescreen so i can change the white background to a castle thankyou.
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Re: White screen
Posted: 22 Apr 2007 01:33 PM
Direct response to your request:

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">
<TransitionDLL guid="{C5B19592-145E-11D3-9F04-006008039E37}" >
<Transition name="Chroma-white" iconid="11">
<Param name="KeyType" value="0" />
<Param name="RGB" value="0xFFFFFF" />
<Param name="Progress" value="0.01" />

(I don't think the progress param helps, but it don't hurt)

Long, drawn out response:
Even though you think it's bright white, you may be surprised
at how difficult it will be to get a true and uniform white throughout.
Any shadows or lighting variations will affect the whole project.
That being said, a white(and black) background has an advantage.
White is at the extreme end of the RGB range. This has been explained
before, but it's worth describing again.

Each pixel has a unique RGB value, and pixels that are right next to each
other may look the same to the eye, but may differ by just one increment of
Red, Green or Blue. That's enough to ruin your chroma transition(except blue).
You can apply color effects...but ever pixel is adjusted by the same amount,
so you can't tweek individual pixels. However, since white is at the extreme
high end of the RGB, you can use the "brightness increase" effect

The chroma-white transition above uses '0xffffff' If some of your background pixels
already have an RGB value of 'xffffff', brightness won't affect them. Anything that
is close will hit 'xffffff' and stop there. So basically...you can boost the whites to
a controlled limit, and the rest of the clip won't be affected much(a little brighter)

You may want to use a modified brightness effect to boost in smaller increments.
(and make sure you actors don't wear white)

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">
<EffectDLL guid="{5A20FD6F-F8FE-4a22-9EE7-307D72D09E6E}">
<Effect name="whiten" iconid="7" comment="Brightness increase">
<Param name="Brightness" value="6" />

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