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1.WLMM - Drop Shadow Text Effect
Posted by Elysium256 on 5/17/2011 1:38:46 AM

I'm new to video editing in general - Windows Live Movie Maker is the first editing program I've used. My needs were pretty basic for the video I wanted to do, but I wanted to have the ability to add a drop shadow to each of my captions. After some searching I realized that no one had found a way to do this with the Live version, so I edited one of the cinematic text effects to try and accomplish this.

I couldn't find a way to have this show up as a ...
2.Re: WLMM - Drop Shadow Text Effect
Posted by Elysium256 on 6/13/2011 12:39:28 AM
Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad it worked for you.

Just as an update - The video I linked to was removed, so I went ahead and made an example image instead.
3.Re: WLMM - Drop Shadow Text Effect
Posted by Elysium256 on 10/31/2011 7:14:30 PM
My apologies for not replying sooner - it seems I didn't enable e-mailing for replies to this thread.

'Cinematic - burst 1' and 'Cinematic - burst 2' are available from a drop down list of effects anytime you are editing a text field. They would appear under the orange 'Text Tools' tab and then the 'Format' tab which is directly beneath it. From there you should be able to see a row of thumbnail squares to the right that depict various effects you can choose from. At the end of ...
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